Louis Vuitton Purses he only carries a couple cc's,id, and cash.
,galleria and bracelet for me also. Louis Vuitton,

Violet!!I just got the Black MC Sarah Wallet in Violet and think it's gorgeous!! Louis Vuitton Outlet


Hi all,I kind of want a Keepall 50. I think the 45 is too small and the 55 will be too big, but those are the only two that have straps. it best to get one with a strap? It'd be mostly for weekend/long weekend trips, so I will not be carrying it very far (to and from the car, etc., maybe from car to hotel room). If I were traveling for any longer I'd usually pack suitcase I'd check (if flying) and then use my Icare as a carry-on for laptop and whatnot.Given that these are my uses of it, would a shoulder strap be needed? Will I regret not having one?TIA!! Louis Vuitton Shop


Very pretty.... the leather reminds me of suhali but of a finer grain.I love the handles' covers! Louis Vuitton Store


Yayyy!!! Congrats!!! Louis Vuitton Outlet

,LV Bags that blue is so lovely!,

LV Handbags The only thing I know of that will be new in Vernis will be a cosmetic pouch. The others that are already offered (Cles, ZCP, wallets, business card case, etc) are nice, though.